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Our free designer software allows you to collaborate with the people that matter most as you design your room. Visualize layouts, styles and colour combinations. This is a fun process, where you can change your ideas easily.
Check out our Design Tips and Guru Tutorials for extra support, and when you have decided upon a design you’ll have conscious thought about what you can plan to buy.

Signaturize empowers the user, saving them time and money. By consciously sourcing products on your behalf and requesting best market prices from a range of carefully curated group of trusted Suppliers.



Become a Real-Time Interior Designer

Helping others create life-promoting interiors is fun and rewarding. We believe that everyone should be able to get involved but access to technology can sometimes be an issue.
We’ve therefore developed the Signaturize Academy, which empowers our Community to up-skill and gain a Real-Time Interior Design Accreditation.

Armed with your accreditation, you can then choose how you want to contribute and move forward to create maximum impact.


Become a Retailer

Choose to efficiently collaborate with Home Makers and Designers as they create life-promoting interiors.
By joining our Community you will automatically receive requests to quote your best price for clearly defined products and services. Suppliers promptly receive successful quote notifications also receive confirmation when their order has been effectively fulfilled.

Signaturize encourages our Community to consciously source by providing suppliers with clarity of demand and exemplifying patience so that the cost of inventory, logistics and marketing is significantly reduced to create shared value for the entire Community.

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If you have any questions, or have ideas for ways we can improve our room design app please get in touch.

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