Home Décor Geometric Art Collection

This collection of abstract geometric artwork in shades of blue will add detail and complexity to your room design.

Agate Green No 3

This geometric artwork in shades of green and blue combines straight lines and geometric shapes with more natural curved patterns.

Indigo Arches No 2

Bridge like arches in white on a background of dark indigo add a calming touch to your room design. A simple abstract artwork.

Celestial Blue No 1

A geometric print in shades of blue, with a touch of gold. This simple design works in many contemporary interior designs.

Gilded Midnight No 1

A beautiful, simple abstract picture in a dark midnight blue with gilded circles. The perfect artwork for a modern room design.

Celestial Blue No 3

A light blue geometric print with interesting circles and curves. This picture has several shades of blue for a multi tonal effect.

Gilded Midnight No2

An angular artwork in gold on a midnight blue background. A good contrast to the curves in Gilded Midnight No 1.

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