Challenge Winner!

Eco Rattan Dining Room

In this design challenge the designers were asked to support Poppy who in her excitement had ordered the Danali Mango Collection from NKUKU for her new home but it really didn’t fit with the previous owners bold interior taste! The interior designers had to help her;

  • Change the wall, curtains & flooring;
  • Choose the best rocking chair colour; &
  • Select a sideboard, artwork & plants!



Before and After

Our Instagram followers, voted for this as the winning dining room idea design.  The designer has created an inspiring earthy boho rattan dining space, using the Room Creator App.  The design shows how simple changes such as updating the flooring & changing the wall covering can have an incredible impact on the overall tone of the space.

This earthy dining room design maintains a rattan theme throughout including the use of the knitted rocking chair.  The lighting arrangement in the bay window creates a distinct feature within the room that although independent from the rest of the space is still interwoven through the style choices.

Gone is the overpowering blue carpet and wall paper and in turn has been replaced with a neutral earthy toned wooden floor & paint.  The addition of the glass fronted sideboard and wall art also add to the overall feel of this room

This is just another great example of how virtual 3d room design Apps such as Room Creator are helping people become great designers!

Some products we love from this design.

Rattan furniture dining set
Eco furniture

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