Challenge Winner!

Gloucester Chic Bedroom

In this master bedroom design challenge the designers were tasked with Isabella who was redecorating the bedroom of her Gloucester country pad. She was impressed by the Farnham King Storage Bed from DFS in terms of quality and style but couldn’t decide on her favourite colour. Designers had to remove the the full on green colour scheme and had to help Isabella;

  • Choose the perfect bed upholstery colour;
  • Add more storage & change the current chest of drawers; &
  • Set a colour scheme; not too bland but not too crazy!



Before and After

This winning design has created a beautiful blue themed modern farmhouse master bedroom. The design shows how important it is to create distinct areas with the room with their own special parts such as the dresser table, accent chair and floor lamp and the ensemble around the chest of drawers.

We love the blue tones across the space with the use of the abstract area rug to define the centrally placed Farmham Storage Bed and matched with the gorgeous table lamps which rest of the bedroom storage on either side of the bed. The bed is also highlighted by the fabulous wire framed pendant light that hangs above it.

The use of the blue in the central bed area has then been reflected by the transparent floor lamps blue shade which, along with the modern accent chair, ads to the overall modern vibe of this otherwise farmhouse style. The interior designer has achieved the delicate balance between modern and farmhouse looks with the wooden chevron flooring.

The dresser table with the table top mirror then engages fully in the farmhouse aesthetic, but again draws on the blue theme with the fantastic eco friendly modern chair beside it. Again in the chest of drawers ensemble which provides an equilibrium to the dresser area but maintains the blue theme with the use of the striking blue circular stone effect sculpture from Furniture Village.

This is a great example of how virtual 3d room design Apps such as Room Creator are helping people become great designers and test their design concepts with real products before buying!

Some products we love from this design.

Blue master bedroom
master bedroom design
storage for blue master bedroom

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