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Vases, plants and sculptures to add the finishing touch to any room

Face Motif Vase

This quirky yet simple and plain white face vase is sure to add something special to a room. This ornate and abstract vase is perfect for sitting on a shelf or taking centre stage on a coffee table in the room. You can buy it from Barker and Stonehouse.

Multi Vase

We love this multi coloured glass vase. Home accessories perfect for a living room or bedroom. Its range of purple tones makes it ideal for blending into a room while creating a small focal point of its own. You can buy it from Barker and Stonehouse.

Terracotta Ceramic Vase

This Terracotta contemporary vase with its simple design will compliment a carefully curated room. Its conical shape is unique & modern, with contracting textures of a rough terracotta at the top and glazed white base. You can buy it from Barker and Stonehouse.

Crassula Plant in Planter

This small yet impressive plant and vase always provide comment & intrigue when people see it sitting on table be it a dining, coffee or just a desk as it lifts the mood. This stone vase also exudes the natural and warm feel of this plant whether it stands on its own or as part of a group of ornamental items. It is available from Wayfair.

 Artificial Palm Plant

This artificial palm plant available at Aosom will provide a lift to the room in which it sits. We love its height as at a metre and half it is tall enough to be seen over many floor pieces but not intrusive within the space. It also brings a bit of the tropics to your room without having to worry about watering!

Hanging Bush Ivy Plant

We love this artificial plant that is available from Wayfair, as it encourages us to get creative and hang it from the wall or allow leafy vines to cascade from a shelf and connect areas of the room together in a subtle and natural way.

Richmond Adam White Ornament

This highly ornate yet abstract sculpture could form a real centre piece in the centre of your room. This nature inspired sculpture, brought to us by Richmond Adam White, completes its reindeer like shape with textured nodules. It is available to buy from Olivias.

Bloomingville Sandstone Sculpture

This curiously abstract sculpture with organic shapes will provide lots of thought for people that come across it. The Bloomingville art piece provides an extra layer of engagement to visitors with its raw finish. The curves of this piece will provide a fantastic contrast to the linearity of many modern items.

Blue and Gold Abstract Sculpture

Furniture Village provide a real highlight for a room with this beautifully shaped cast iron piece of art that evokes the colours of the night sky – rich blue, gold and white. They describe it as “An artistic statement piece for your home.” we are inclined to agree.

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