Challenge Winner!

Hove Fresh Start

In the “Hove Fresh Start” challenge our designers were asked to design a living room for Kathleen using items from our Be Bolder for Change Part II collection.  Kathleen was finishing her PHD and has found a wonderful regency flat in Hove for her next chapter. Designers had to assist Kathleen with her lounge as she wanted a space to chill and unwind each evening, by the fire, in front of the TV…now that her years of studying are over.

Before and After

The top design took this dark empty room & transformed it into an inviting & fantastically thought through living room idea for Kathleen to chill in after her Phd.  

The clear change in this room is the use of a bright neutral colour on the walls which really opens the space up.  The modern mirror over the fireplace creates the illusion of even more space within the room. The sofa and chair colours have been carefully matched to the pink rug & wall art that Kathleen had.

Although the big features within this room are cleverly chosen it is the little touches that make the difference to this fantastic interior design.  The ornate pendant light is a great feature within the room but due to its diminutive size it avoids dominating the room.  However what is possibly cleverest part of this interior design is the use of the plants and pots within the room especially the one rested on the fireplace hearth as it subtly softens the starkness that can often devalue the look of a fireplace.

This winning design clearly meets Kathleen’s requirements and on its own is also a stand out living room design for the owner to chill in.  This lounge design shows how the Signaturize Room Creator App can be used by interior designers to inspire clients.





Original Design

Winning Design

Some products we love from this design.

This room included items from our Home Decor collection, to see products that are available in the free Signaturize Interior Design App please click here.

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