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Neutral Rattan Bedroom



In this design challenge you were tasked with assisting Minnie who was fulfilling a lifelong dream by moving to the coast. She loved the simplicity of her life by the sea and wanted her new bedroom to reflect her new, more relaxed way of being. She had chosen her favourite pieces from this summer’s H&M Home Summer Collection to help you get started to design the space from scratch. Designs had to keep in mind that Minnie was a big fan of neutral colour schemes & loved natural wooden furniture & rattan finishes.

Before and After

We love the use of Boho products within this bedroom and the introduction of the red brick wall. The gold nest lights (available from fusion living) add to the overall style but add a touch of luxury.  The clever creation of the three different spaces has also added to the overall look of this room with the area rug define the dresser space & the bay window being used to host a rattan seating area.   Each of these zones fulfil Minnie’s desire for natural woods and a neutral colour scheme.

Congratulations to our winner for this great design.

Some products we love from this design.

kitchen makeover
kitchen makeover design
green kitchen design

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