Challenge Winner!

Perfect Sofa Perfect Colour

For this challenge designers used the Room Creator home design app to help Suzie. She had found the perfect sofa from the new DFS sustainable Grand Designs range. Suzie loved the fact these sofas are made with fully recycled materials, but was finding it tricky to choose the perfect colour. She wanted to create a life promoting space with warm tones. Designers were encouraged to find the perfect Sofa and footstool colours, walls colours, curtains fabrics as well as rugs and flooring.

Before and After

The top design has made simple changes to this living room idea, that has created a warmer room.  The winning designer has used a neutral backdrop for the room then provided accents of yellow colours to create the warmth within the room. 

The use of the yellow accent cushions and the new multicoloured yellow rug creates real focus in the room.  The blue rugs then pick up on the hues within the curtains which links them to the heart of this living room interior design. 

With the yellow providing the creative design in the centre of the room the designer has then linked other aspects of the room using industrial design effects.  The winning designer has built on the industrial style display cabinet that was already in place, and linked it into the heart of the room through the white topped circular coffee table with the black metal legs.  The industrial theme is then continued via the use of the black wire frame pendant light and the addition of the tripod floor lamp in the corner.

This design has shown how some simple changes within a room can make a real difference.  Through clever accent items in both style, such as the industrial lighting, and colour, through the use of yellow in the nucleus of the room.  This was all achieved using the Signaturize Room Design App.

Original Design

Winning Design

Some products we love from this design.

This room included items from our Home Decor collection, to see products that are available in the free Signaturize Interior Design App please click here.

yellow footstools
yellow and grey sofa
3 seater sofa

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