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How it Works

Our room design app is easy and fun to use. Simply download on the App Store on your iPhone or iPad then start your new design! You can use one of our ready made rooms to begin, or capture a real room, or enter room dimensions in the room planner. Once you have your room you can start to add flooring, paint, lighting and furniture. Have fun moving furniture around and playing with colour schemes and lighting effects.

You can use it for fun and save your design, or use it to decorate your home. Many of the products available can be sourced though the app.

Why not enter one of our design challenges for a chance to win some great prizes. Become a design pro and enhance your design potential!

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Work it in for the Workout

Work it in for the Workout

The furniture in this room has been used to great effect. Zoning areas for different functions so the family will have room to workout, but also a space for entertaining and for the children to play.

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Orange is Over

Orange is Over

This room is completely changed by the new calm colour scheme. The winner of this challenge has cleverly chosen calm and more neutral colours to make the space feel more relaxed.

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The student life: how to make that space your own

The student life: how to make that space your own

The student life: how to make that space your own Its so exciting, a proper life milestone event you’ve been waiting for, having your first space to yourself away from home.It surely has been a different couple of years for University students, navigating the pandemic...

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Design Challenges

Compete and win prizes!

room design app

Find the 3D Design “Faraway Fancy” in App & Customise to bring a dream teenage boys bedroom.

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Find the 3D Design “Peaceful Composure” in App & Customise to bring a “Period Regency” style.

dining room design

Find the 3D Design “Dreamy Directness” in App & Customise to bring a “Farmhouse Chic” look.

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The Signaturize 3D Room Planner Experience

Do you want to create an incredible room design?

Want to make your house into a home in immersive 3D, or design for fun as you conquer interior design challenges?
The intuitive Signaturize 3D room designer empowers you to design rooms with over 7,500 iconic 3D décor products for free. Favourite products you love in a playground of models and materials. Bring your mood board to life, as you design and redecorate your home in our free room planner app.

Design your home by capturing your room with an iPhone camera and be amazed as your virtual room instantly generates. Use the Floor Planner to refine measurements at any time. Navigate around your room before you plan layouts, place furniture and create unique styles. Finish off your interior like a Pro by playing with colour, lighting and accessory combinations.

Design for fun and unlock your creative potential by entering interior design challenges because décor matters. These challenges provide a superb opportunity for interior creatives and home design enthusiasts to play with new on-trend products, while learning more about the latest décor themes.

Signaturize values every member of our Community and our mission is to deliver the most incredible 3D room designer experience in the world. We’re just at the beginning of this journey so we would love to hear your feedback and requests for new products, or design theme functionality as we strive to be better!

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