Challenge Winner!

Winter Wonderland Indoors

In this Winter Wonderland Indoors living room layout design challenge the designers were asked to help Tanya loves cool crisp interiors but with sumptuous rich, cosy touches. Her aim was to make subtle changes to the curtain fabric, wall colour and armchair colour to create her dream space. 



Before and After

This was voted as the winning winter wonderland indoors living room layout idea, by our Instagram followers.  The designer has created an inspiring neutral living room design using the Room Creator App.  The use of neutral floor and wall colours have made the decor and wall art stand out in the room.

This room layout idea has a number of great zones.  For example the use of the green blinds bring a vibrancy to the room.  The area rug in the centre of the room defines the space for movement through the room.  The side table has been carefully placed in the corner of the room and beautifully decorated.  Floor lamps have then been used to add to the vibrancy in the other corners of the room.

This is just another great example of how virtual 3d room design Apps such as Room Creator are helping people become great decor and room layout designers!

Room Design App

Our fun interior design app allows you to explore room design, such as this farmhouse master bedroom design.  You can add & change furniture and colour schemes & make the design your own. You can also enter challenges to showcase your design ability and win. Why not try it out today and see where your designs take you?

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