Be Inspired By Your Interior Design

Be amazed by your room design.

Inspiration can strike from the most unlikely of sources. Maybe you’ve been watching an amazing new show on TV, and would love an interior design just like the show.

You can get inspiration from friends houses, furniture shops, magazines and online, everything you see in your daily life can spark a new idea. Once you start to think how to change up your interior you can have fun and feel inspired.

This is much easier (and cheaper) if you are designing virtually instead of in real life. If you’ve wanted to make a change to your interior design, and suddenly think ‘I wonder if this would work’. Use the free interior design app to try out your new ideas, it’s so much fun to see your new design come together.

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French Bathroom Restyle

French Bathroom Restyle

This French Style Bathroom design highlights & compliments the gorgeous copper bath with two beautiful matching mirrors above the double sink.

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